Online Presence Contest

Scoring starts today! Now more than ever your lodges online presence is paramount towards engaging your members with your lodge and each other while continuing to build that pride in membership that retains them upon your membership roll for years to come.  Utilize the time you have available now and fill it with a direct… Read more

2020 Spring Quarterly Meeting

March 15, 2020 Subject: Spring Quarterly 2020 The last week has been a roller coaster for us all. This letter has transformed from what I felt was a going to be a great quarterly. To a “wait and see” letter, to a letter announcing that we are regretfully canceling our upcoming Quarterly meeting on April… Read more

Grand Exalted Ruler Membership Plea

We’re All In Washington! Now is the time to make that extra effort, to make that phone call or email and make contact with those on your candidate list and get them initiated into your lodge.  Kick-start your officers, help your membership committees, stand up for Elkdom and connect with your candidates Direct from our… Read more

Poly Garland Nominations Due!

Washington Elks Association Polly Garland Lady of the Year Award Deadline December 31st! Rules and Regulations This award is open to any lady. The candidate cannot be an Officer in the Lodge or an employee. She may or may not be an Elk. Local Lodges are to submit one written nomination of 500 words or… Read more

Advertise Your Lodge!

NEW THIS YEAR! Your State Association supports your lodge’s membership growth with funds strategically directed towards membership drives at the lodge level. As an addition to our standard 50% advertising co-pay program our Washington State Elks Association Executive board supported and funded our Co-Pay Program for 100% reimbursement towards membership drive advertising. This is $10,800… Read more

Lodge Website & Facebook Contest

Local Lodge Website Contest DUE: OCTOBER 1, 2019! The Fraternal Committee of the Grand Lodge will award Local Lodges who keep their Members informed and active in Grand Lodge Programs and local communities’ projects through a Local Lodge Website or Facebook page. Local Lodges wishing to participate must have competed in their respective State and… Read more