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Start planning now for the All American Lodge contest

By RICHARD C. CONWAY Committee Member

March 15, 2018, is a very important date to remember: It’s the deadline to mail your All American Lodge—Contest “A” entry form to the District Deputy Grand Exalted Ruler. The winner of the contest, which recognizes Lodges that have best administered Elks Programs throughout the year, is determined by a score that counts participation in 40 activities. Each activity has a designated value between 5 and 100 points. Activities include observing Flag Day services, sponsoring a new Lodge, increasing membership, and participating in Elks programs such as Antlers, Hoop Shoot, and the Americanism Essay Contest. Prior planning prevents poor performance, so start planning now if you’re not doing so already. Begin by appointing a chairman knowledgeable in Lodge activities (perhaps a Past Exalted Ruler) and schedule a meeting with the Lodge Secretary, Treasurer, Auxiliary, PERs, and all committees, including those unique to the Lodge. Provide each with a copy of the contest entry form and, if available, the Lodge’s entry form from last year that shows past contest information. Some of the activities that earn the most points involve action by more than one Lodge committee, so it is important that all attendees review the entry form and provide the required information to the contest chairman. Previous contest winners take advantage of activities with designated maximum points that require specific listing in the attachments. Provide as much info as possible, not just enough to make the quota. The best idea is to “overkill,” just in case your competitors have a similar number of activities. Potential sources for obtaining activities numbers include a Lodge’s expenditure reports and newsletters. Have all designated committee members update their provided information the first of each month. Lastly, keep in mind that winners are determined by membership category—your Lodge is competing against only Lodges of a similar size.

Find the Contest instructions and form HERE!

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