Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children

Since 1954, the Washington Elks Therapy Program for Children has provided home-based occupational or physical therapy to children with developmental delays or physical disabilities. Services are provided at no cost to the family served.

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Our Kids


October 2014

Violet was born 6.5 months into her mother’s pregnancy– that’s 3.5 months early! At 1lb, 14oz., her under-developed lungs resulted in a condition called Broncho-Pulmonary Dysplasia (BPD). The baby was placed on a ventilator for 50 days before weaning to oxygen through a nasal cannula. Her breathing took so much effort that she was unable... Read more


November 2014

Fifteen-month-old Pedro had a very rough start in life. His mother’s diabetes was difficult to control and he was born by emergency c-section with problems ranging from kidney and heart failure to seizures. As these were treated and controlled over his early months, it was determined that Pedro had severe hearing loss and was slow... Read more


December 2012

Meet Sebastian who is now three years old. He was referred to the Elks Therapy Program when he was five months old. He had undergone spinal cord surgery and was still recovering. Sebastian was born with spina bifida. Spina bifida is a birth defect that disrupts the normal formation of the spinal cord. The nerves... Read more